“How to See Angels”

I have seen angels for a very long time… and yesterday one came to me.

An Angel Near a Lantern

Yesterday I was getting ready to do my meditation. And I had just sat down to get ready to meditate, and our dogs were on either side of me. And even before I had closed my eyes a little ball of light appeared out of nowhere at about 3 feet off the floor. And then the ball of light made its way to my bare right foot and just hovered there for about 15 to 20 seconds or more. And I was filled with a feeling of great peace that came over me… and a knowing that this was my guardian angel who watches over me. And because of this, my meditation was very profound and deep and I could have stayed in meditation all day long. And then the little ball of light just imploded and disappeared.

I truly feel that everyone can see angels and Divine Beings if they want too. It just takes training our mind to see them. But most people are too busy frantically running from this place to place, doing this and that… so they never ever slow down long enough to see the Divine.

And I feel that meditation plays a very important role in slowing down and allowing ourselves to see everything that is going on around us. And many people may see Divine Beings but just ignore them and poo-poo them and say that was nothing. And that is very unfortunate because they are distancing themselves from the Divine.

Divine interaction and the watchful eyes of Divine Beings are all around us… if we choose to embrace that knowing deep down inside. Divine Beings are checking on all of us all the time… seeing how we react to different circumstances in our life that can make us grow and learn more. Or fall back and scorn the world and the Divine… it’s all up to us.

The more a person meditates, and the more a person slows down their life and notices all the little tiny things going on around them, the more they will see angels. So meditate, slow down, and start noticing all the Divine Beings that are watching over you.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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