“Can We Help People… Who Don’t Want Our Help?”

Yesterday I had a person who is hooked on drugs contact me and he was not interested in making a change. But what can we do?

This young man is hooked on drugs and he said he was not interested in making a change. And thus the wheel of karma keeps moving along, and he wonders why his life is in shambles. The only thing we can do for these people is to be an example and talk to them once in a while and pray for them, show them where to get help… and see if they are ready to move forward.

Sometimes There is Nothing We Can Do 

There is really nothing short of putting a person in a residential program for drugs that will make a difference, or help them to find resources with those who can help. But just like being hooked on alcohol these people sometimes will not let go. But this is their path, and they are walking their path for a reason. Perhaps to find out what it’s like to be filled with so much guilt, shame, and anger towards themselves and others. And in some way, they too are helping others. Thus those who choose a different path are strengthened and know for sure that they don’t tread long that other person’s path.

Everything Has a Reason

Sometimes life seems hard, and we learn lots of powerful lessons when life is hard and most of them have lots of karma attached to them. We go through everything we endure in order to cleanse our soul of all the past energy or karma which has accumulated. The process takes hundreds of thousands of lives. But there is a ray of hope, sooner or later, we all become enlightened and move long our karmic path.

Have Compassion – Knowing Sooner or Later Things Will Change 

So don’t feel bad, just pray for them, have compassion, point them in the right direction, and know that sooner or later… they too will make their way to greater understanding.

Otherwise, if we obsess over the plight of others it will drag us down and create challenges. So it’s up to us to do what we can… and then we have to let go.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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