“6 Simple Ways to Enjoy Life More”

Here are 6 simple ways a person can change their life in a positive way and find inner peace and great joy… and in the end enjoy life more.

Learning to Be of Service to Everyone – Being of service to ourselves and to others allows us to awaken from our slumber. Finally, we can see those who are suffering and we step up to the challenge and do what we can to help. As we give, help, and uplift others we gain compassion and thus see our Creator in all those we serve. Thus we never look down upon anyone and know that all of us have gone through many challenges and everyone needs a helping hand. Being of service brings a smile to our face and we feel good about being alive.

Learning to Clear Away Inner and Outer Clutter – Sometimes we have clutter and soiled items all around us that need to be put away and cleansed. They are an extension of what we have in our heart and mind. Thus to clean our house, our surroundings allows us to finally work on our heart and mind. Clearing away old baggage, thoughts, and ideas that no longer serve us in a positive way. Sometimes we work from the outside in and other times we work from the inside out. Either way is fine… but sooner or later it’s important to take out the trash. Thus we feel lighter inside and joyful as we declutter our life.

Learning to Love Everyone the Same – It’s important to love the one we see in the mirror… and to love all those who are a reflection of the one we see in the mirror. There is only “ONE” and this oneness has been proven even with science now. Thus to scorn someone we know or a stranger is no different from scorning ourselves. This is why all the great spiritual people of the past love everyone the same. The knew without a doubt that we are one and the same. And with this joy exudes from our heart.

Learning to Change Our Thinking – It’s important to look at our thinking, to notice our thoughts and start changing how we think from “Me” to “We” to become all-inclusive. And whenever we have a negative thought it’s important to stop ourselves and change that thought and thus improve our thinking. Thus after a while, we have a shift in thinking and start seeing life from a whole new perspective. And thus life becomes easier from the inside out… instead of from the outside in. This is better understood when a person starts this process… but eventually, grace and peace filters in.

Letting Go of What Other People Say – Many times we have people place judgments upon us or say we should be doing this or that. The best thing to do is to contemplate what they said and see if there is any truth to what they are saying. If so, then we can correct our course and make changes in a positive way. If not, then it’s important to just laugh, send them light and love, and allow them to follow their path. We are all different and all have a particular path that we travel. Be true to your path and don’t allow those who try to push or pull you in one direction or another to sway you from your course. Thus we are happy doing what we know we are supposed to be doing.

Learning to Take Time for Silence Daily – Sitting in silence is crucial if one is to be in control of their mind. Also, silence is a tool that anyone can use to overcome anger, greed, pride, and hate. In silence, we meet ourselves and adjust our direction along our path and find inner peace. Silence creates inner space, allows thoughts to dissipate, and allows obsessions to dissolve. Silence and especially meditation slows the mind… and declutters a mind full of anxiety. Thus eventually we start to hear the still small voice that lives in our heart.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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