“I Drowned… I Saw God… and Was Told to Go Back”

“A True Story”  

Not too long ago, a middle-aged man by the name of Todd Andrews was working for an offshore drilling company on a platform off the north coast of California.  And Todd was making his way back to shore on a ship when a fierce storm came up with 30-foot seas. 

“I Drowned… I Saw God… and Was Told to Go Back”– True Story

The waves were crashing over the boat and Todd was on the bow of the boat when a huge wave hit and then another one came right over where Todd was standing. Todd was washed overboard and was pummeled all over underwater. And he tried desperately to make his way to the surface. But he could not hold his breath long enough. 

Eventually, he took in a deep breath of salt water and was gone. It’s a violent way to die. But then everything went very calm and he was watching his body in this place of calm and peace… and noticed a bright light near him getting bigger and bigger. The light was made up of billions of points of light and the light was pulsating. 

And as he watches the light… the light grows very large and the light also had many other colors in the outer edges of the light. And he thought this must be God. 

Then in a very powerful voice came from that light of God saying, 

“You Must Go Back, This is Not Your Time, You Have a Purpose to Fulfill”. 

And at that moment his body was pushed violently up onto the side of the boat which pushed most of the saltwater out of his lungs. Also, at that same time the people on the boat spotted him and they were successful at dragging him back on board and do CPR and reviving him. 

He had been under the water without breathing for about 15 to 18 minutes… no one could understand why he survived and why he was totally fine after all of this. 

And before all of this happened God was not part of Todd’s life at all. He just went about his daily life, made a living, and Todd did what he was supposed to do. 

But after all of this Todd changed, because he knew without a doubt that there is a God and that everyone is being watched over… and that we have a purpose in life. 

And now Todd is a very devout person who believes that all the great spiritual traditions are true. And that all these traditions all have that same God that is connected to all of us. 

Todd has changed and he keeps telling his story in order to help others see the light. 

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider 




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