“Relax Into Success” Foreword

Relax Into Success



I met Paul for the first time by attending a seminar held in our conference
room. When the memo came out days prior announcing the mandatory
attendance of yours truly, I was thinking, “Great, just take care of.”

Looking back on it, it was the best thing that happened to me.
For the past decade I have worked in the print media field. Prior to
working at the newspaper, I worked in the Information Technology
department for a well-known and respected national magazine.

I know what stress is… I at times convinced myself that it was normal and
I should keep marching – basically not addressing the issue. You’ve heard the
cliches, “Deal with it”, “Don’t let it affect you.”

How ironic, looking back upon my life juxtaposed to the new information
Paul taught that serene day, that I was actually marching of denial.

Was stress really worth dying for? It was time to move forward.
My personal life, at the time of my first meeting with Paul, was in shambles.
A marriage gone south with the birds… a feeling of utter aninimity in a
fast-paced and ever changing world. I had definitely seen better days – stress
had overtaken my world… and I wasn’t coping with it to the best of
my abilities. I knew it. Those around me knew it. It was obvious for everyone
to see.

I implore all those that come in contact with Paul to heed his advice. I, for
one, had never really given Zen type of meditation and relaxation a serious
thought in my life.

Perhaps you could even say I was a cynic regarding the whole thing.

Rhythmic breathing is but scratching the surface of an ocean that, with a
bit of effort and a dedication of time, will cause your ship to sail calm seas. The
point is not to avoid conflict, since that’s foolish and denial-based, but rather
to be prepared for the wicked storms that most assuredly will come your way
with a refreshed, positive and willful poise to allow you to adequately temper
the storm, and allow you, the sailor, to continue your journey through life with
more knowledge and appreciation about and for yourself.

Of this, I know. Paul will teach you, too.

Ash Fox
Manager, Information Technology
Newspaper Columnist


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  1. David wachira says:

    wonderful information. I grow pepino melon though. I knew little about it

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