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Nature photographer Paul Haider bought his first camera from the drug store where he worked during high school in his hometown of Woodland, California. This used $10 Argus C3 Camera transformed his life forever. In 1974 he graduated from the Glen Fishback School of Photography.

Over the years Mr. Haider has focused on what makes him really happy… nature photography. Paul uses Nikon digital cameras and does very little image processing to maintain the brilliance of what nature has to offer.

“Seeing God in the details of life!”

I see the world as being part of a whole, huge and beautiful universe. I feel…there is a bit of GOD in everything around us; we just have to be open to noticing HIS beautiful handy work. Th world can look mundane but if we look closer there is a beautiful world of light, color, shadows, pattern and detail that can brighten our soul and make us feel alive.

Nature makes me feel alive, especially when I’m out in the rainforest; up in the mountains or on the beach, being in nature makes me feel connected to Gaia and one with my Creator.

I have traveled the globe…to the Far East, Latin America and Europe and no matter where I go, nature is always the same, beautifully breath taking, regenerative and most of all peaceful.

Mankind must learn from nature and be at peace with the planet and our neighbors.

Many of us never take the time to look closer at what’s going on. We are too busy with thoughts of fear which keep us from ever noticing the wondrous beauty all around us.

My photography website has a new look and some new galleries—take a look at –Enjoy — Dr. Paul Haider

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