The 7th Avatar – Chapter 4 – “The Old Woman”

And the stranger walked into the village and came upon an old lady who was sitting in her doorway sobbing with tears rolling down her face.

He asked her what was wrong and she said; I am in great sadness because my little girl has died, she did nothing to hurt anyone. She was an angel, she was always helping other people. In fact she would go out of her way to help other people, and would never help herself. She was always smiling, and she would come unto me and rub my back… and tell me everything would be fine. Why did God take my angel?

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And the stranger said unto her; Feel your feelings for she is no longer with you. But at the same time there must be joy in your heart for she is with God, the One and Only, the Great Love within the Universe. For you see before her conception she made a pact with God, and in that pact she decided to come back and teach love… and bring joy to all. This was her purpose, this is why she came to this plane. For life is not about making money, or having a family, or anything else’s… it’s about teaching love. She was an old soul, she lived through millions of lifetimes, and she had learned so very much about life and love. So much that she wanted to come back and teach about love… in order to end suffering.

Feel joy that she was with you for a short time… for she was a powerful enlightened being. She came back because she chose to come back. She was not like others who come back just because they were caught in the cycle of karma which brings them back over and over again, to finally get it right. She made a conscious choice to come back and teach love, that’s so very different. For it takes a great soul to want to come back, and suffer all the sufferings of the physical body… instead of being in the light and feeling eternal bliss.

These enlightened souls know that one day all humanity will come together and love, and that all suffering, all war, all death will end. And all that is not of love will end, and there will just be eternal bliss on this plane. And even though this has not happened in the millennia of history so far… they know that sooner or later this great change will happen. Because all beings will attain higher consciousness with the help with those who come back and teach love.

Most of all… you will see her again! When you reach the white light, when you leave this plane, when you go down the tunnel waiting on the other side she will be there ready to hold your hand and show you the way. Death is not an ending, but only a new beginning. When we cast off these physical bodies we gain our eternal body… that which is pure love.

You will not see her for a long time, but on the other side of the veil there is no time… and it will be like yesterday. Remember the joy that she brought you, that’s all that’s important. Remember the teachings of love that she brought you… that’s all that’s important. She asked for nothing and gave everything, that is true love. She had no expectations, she would give, and sometimes people would give nothing in return… even so she was happy in her heart. That is the true story of love… for love has no expectations.

Be as she was, and fill your heart with joy, give love where ever you can and expect nothing in return. Be the light, know the light, and understanding light, because the light lived within your own home for many years. She was trying to teach you how to live your life… but have you learned the lesson she brought you? Learn from the lessons she brought you, for she was truly and angel.

Carry on the legacy of the angel, know that she’s watching from above, smile and talk to her… and she will talk to you. She’s always there for you, always ready to console you, and I love you. Be not afraid to talk to her, do this in the quiet of the early morning. Know that she is with God, the Universe, the One and Only… and with every dove that sings in the morning breeze. Do not worry about what everybody else will thinks if you talk to her, it does not matter… for she is truly there beside you every step of the away.

And the old woman said; Thank you stranger, you are right, I have to carry on the work that she brought to the world. I feel better now… and for the fact that I will see her again.

And with that the stranger smiled, and bent over and kissed her hand, and contentment and peace filled her being. And the stranger walked off down the small narrow streets of the village.

To be continued…

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