“The Connection Between Conscious Awareness and the Brain”

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It’s important to think of the brain as a bunch of telephone circuits and memory chips. Everything we do and say, every thought, every word, and every idea are all written down in our brain. But our conscious awareness which actively chooses which of these circuits is to use is a whole different story.

Take for instance when a person has a near death experience and they see themselves looking down on their body at the hospital. And they wonder why everyone is making such a fuss. And they start yelling “Hey I’m Up Here” trying to get everyones attention. Thus consciousness which is part of the collective conscious is not part of the body at all. Our conscious is a diffuse energy that’s more profound around the body, but extends out into the multiverse and never stops.

And that’s exactly what we see when we look at our Aura. Aura is a very intense life force that is centralized around the body, but that energy does not stop there… it goes out all the way to infinity. And within that life force we can see different aspects of who we are such: our emotions, medical challenges going on in the body, energy blockages and much more.

Thus it’s not our brain that’s the driving force of consciousness but our auretic energy that surrounds and bathes us in a sea of love… or other emotion which can do harm to the physical body. And as many gurus from India have said, “Consciousness is a none local entity” thus the aura fits this definition well. That auretic energy is always changing, always interacting and intertwining, and entangled with all the conscious awareness that exists in the multiverse.

Thus when we open ourselves up to new positive energy from the Universe we also bring in multiple new possibilities for our conscious growth. Thus ideas are formed and the light bulb moment goes off in our brain. This happens because we bring together different elements of our brain in a dance that is choreographed by that powerful auretic energy.

Take for instance when a brain surgeon touches a specific part of the brain with a small impulse of electrical energy, thus specific memories are evoked and experienced. Not only visual memories, but memories of smells, sounds, tastes, and sensations in the body are all brought to the forefront of the the here-and-now.

But the “I” or true awareness which is watching all of this is not found in the brain, it’s found in that auretic energy of the infinite field that surrounds all of us. And when we choose to call a specific part of that auretic energy our consciousness, in reality it’s not our consciousness alone, it’s a shared consciousness that’s flavored with the bits and pieces of memories that we harbor in the brain. And this is why meditation is so important. Meditation allows us to access more of that auretic consciousness that is all knowing, all powerful, all seeing, and omnipresent.

And at the same time during meditation that library of our brain is cataloged and shelved according to the needs of the individual and it is very different depending upon our up bringing and experiences. Thus during meditation the brain is given a bit of rest, thus allowing the circuits of the brain to shut down or pause and regroup for a little while. And because the brain is placed in neutral, we connect with all that’s loving and kind in the collective conscious, or what some call BLISS. Or in other words we connect with God, the Universe, and the One and Only and our hearts are filled with bliss. Thus God resides in our heart, and God resides out into the ether of the extended multiverse that never ends.

It’s not our brain that creates everything, it’s a dance that interacts with the collective mind and thus stimulates the brain to create our personality, our ways of being in the world… and our understanding of how we react to life.

Thus from our brain, to our conscious, to the collective consciousness and out into the extremes of the multiverse… we come to know what Einstein was quoted as saying: “I want to know the thoughts of God”.

May all of us take the time to meditate, be in silence in nature, and give our brains a rest and reconnect with the great auretic energy of the multiverse—God.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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