“What Would Happen if the Words— I, Me, and My Disappeared”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1It’s very interesting that in Native American societies there the words— “I, Me, and My” do not exist… there is only “WE”. And if all of a sudden those 3 little words just disappeared, what would happen? Perhaps the world would heal and great changes would take place… lets explore the possibilities. From a spiritual perspective in all the spiritual texts talk about “WE”.


If the word “I” disappeared, then all the individual ideas of “I am doing this” would dissolve away. Society in general would be focused on healing communities, and not creating individual wealth. The good of the community would be on everyone’s mind, thus society would change, and the world would change. Thus wealth would not be important, because the healing of society would benefit everyone . All needs would be met, the need for food, the need for clean water, the need for good housing, and more.

Also the idea of “I” which holds us back from helping those who are suffering, those needing help, those on the fringes of society, would become very important… and thus we would step up and do whatever it is we need to do to help.

The concept of owning anything would unravel because only communities would own property, material things, and ideas. Thus the savage fight for fame, fortune, and materiality would become a figure of speech that would die out. This kind of thinking is echoed in the Star Trek movies and the TV series, in which everyone has everything they need. And the only important aspect of life is using our God given talents for the betterment of society… thus everyone is happy doing what they love.

And what would happen if the word “Me” disappeared? There would be no separation of any kind. What’s good for the many, is good for the one, and what’s good for the one, is good for the many. Thus society would take on a kinder and gentler way of dealing with life.

For “War” would be a thing of the past, because the idea that “You are Wrong, and I am Right” would no longer mean anything. Society as a whole would be considered first and how to complementing, augmenting, and improving society would be the first objective.

And the importance of “ME” or “My Needs” being considered first would be important, but not as important as the health and welfare of society in general. In fact if we heal society, we also heal the individual, thus healing society and the individual at the same time. This happens in societies that prosper and grow for long periods of time. And the exact opposite of which happens in societies that disappear. As the with Roman Empire with all it’s graft and corruption towards the end. With individuals looking to bring pleasure to their lives with food, sex, drugs, money, power, and greed… which eventually leads to the downfall of the society in general.

If all goes well perhaps a feeling of “Agape Love” a love that without boundaries will start to thrive. A feeling that “I Am My Brothers’s Keeper” plus “And I Am to Do Undo Others, as I would Like Others to Do Unto Me” which would heal the wounds of the world. Thus we would start to use less material goods and sustain our blue green globe, and we would eat less and help more people, and spread love.

We would start needing less and having more, by having more reverence for life and Mother Nature. And we would start having feelings of gratitude, and giving thanks to God, the Universe, and the One and Only every single moment we have. Lets all pray that in the next few years we can move towards abandoning those three little words, and embracing the word “WE”. What a beautiful place it would be!

Lets hope Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek is watching from his place in the heavens, lets make him proud, lets move forward, lets heal the world, and make all the problems we have today a thing of the past…

“WE” can do it!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider






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