“How to Stay Enchanted with Life”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1It’s so easy to become disenchanted with life, and start to feel down and unloved. Feeling that the world is against us, and that nothing good is happening. But in reality it’s just the opposite, if we look close there are lots of opportunities for being excited about life. Here are a few things that are uplifting and brighten the heart of every soul.

Go to a Public Library – Just to sit in a public library and peruse all the great literature, travel books, maps, interactive processes, and even using computers… all for free is amazing. Personally from a very young age my mother would take us kids to the library, and we would check out books and enjoy reading them for a week and then we would go back and exchange what we had for something else even more exciting. And even though I was dyslexic as a kid, and had a hard time reading I just loved books. There is so much to learn about the world and everything in it, and so many books to read that it would take a billion years to scratch the surface of all the books in existence. Take a ride to your public library and enjoy reading, and perusing whatever interests you have. Books are uplifting and brighten the soul, and knowledge is important. And most of all public libraries are totally free.

Go for a Walk Out in Nature – It’s easy to sit in a dark room and become fearful, out of balance, and full of anxiety. But if we walk outside and take a look at the big blue sky we start feeling better. Nature is all around us, and some people live in amazing places like Seattle with all the walking trails, Vancouver with great beaches and outdoor market… and the mountains to enjoy. And some have the great Pacific Ocean to look at and enjoy like Tomales Bay in Northern California. Others have the desert to enjoy with all the cacti, rocks, sand dunes, and huge open skies like Sedona. Just about every single place on earth has something amazing about it that enlivens the heart and makes us feel good about being alive. And if we really dig deep… we will start to see that all of this is God, the Universe, and the One and Only. So it’s important for us to get out and connect and uplift our soul and find peace.

Take a Cooking Class – One of my favorite things to do is cooking. Making up a new recipe, looking for new ingredients, trying different things, and finding new spices… it’s all amazing. Just getting out of the house and spending an afternoon taking a cooking course is delightful. Many cooking classes are very inexpensive, and some of them are totally free especially the ones given at recreational centers, junior colleges, and senior centers. And what better way to learn to stay healthy than to learn how to cook wonderful food that is tantalizing and tasty. There are great courses on how to make amazing sauces, classes on how to cook healthy, how to prepare veggies, cooking light classes, cooking classes for dieters, French and Italian cooking classes, and so much more. Plus there is nothing like asking a friend who is a cook, to give an individual cooking class… most people are more than willing to teach what they know. So enjoy learning something new!

Take a Photography Class – With the advent of smartphones and digital media and inexpensive cameras… photography has become easier than ever. There is no need for a darkroom, or spending thousands of dollars on processing and printing. But learning composition, and the rules of great photographs, and the art of taking wonderful photographs is a joy. I remember taking my first photography class way back in 1973 and from that moment on I was hooked. In this day and age photography is a great ways to get out of the house and find something beautiful even in the abandoned lot next door. Sometimes getting down on our knees and noticing all the little flowers, the tiny butterflies, and dew drops can put a smile on our face. And to take portraits of people and even animals is so much fun, and can be of service to others at the same time. And there are free photography classes that given by camera shops, on-line courses, at junior colleges, and at recreation centers and senior centers. So give it a try… it just might change your life forever!

Thus here are 4 ways to stay enchanted with life and enjoy being connected to nature, God, the Universe, and the One and Only… because in reality the spirit of the One and Only exists in everything.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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