“6 Ways to Change the World— from Fear to Love”

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Here are 6 important ways that we can all change the world from a place of fear to a place of love. There have been many people who have changed the world in the last century… and we too can do it now, all we have to do is embrace the following 6 step process.

Charity— Those who give, those who help others have a feeling of making a difference deep down inside. But they do all their charity with anonymity thus never building fame and fortune. They only want to make a difference in the world… thus their love spreads to everyone and they look forward to meeting their maker on the others side of the veil.

Humility— It is said “The meek shall inherit the earth” and thus those who are humble, those who don’t need little fame and fortune, those that stand tall while others scorn them are covered in white light. Their aura is full of love, their essence is nothing but bliss, they need nothing, and want nothing, and because of that, the clinking of coins means nothing to them. And their heads are not turned even if someone tells them what a good job they are doing. They take the good and the bad with equanimity. All praise and all discouragements are met in the same way… with love for everyone.

Courage— It takes courage to be a spiritually inclined person. Take Gandhi who would go for days without eating in order to bring about change in India. Gandhi was willing to be hit on the head, be beaten, and put in jail to in order to prove a point… that peace and courage are similar. For in order to be peaceful it takes great courage because there will be those who hate, and they may want to do harm those who love. Even the Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew he said “I May Not Get there With You” knew that what he was doing was dangerous. That those who are in control many times don’t like change, but change is good for the soul, and thus it is also good for mankind. It takes courage to create peace and change the world.

Peace— Peace is such a simple word, yet so powerful that it can change the course of nations, and change the world. Nelson Mandella was such a person who was willing to place peace above everything else in order to have freedom. He was willing to endure pain and suffering while in jail for years, but he knew deep down inside that some day, some way, that everything would work out. And so it did… and the course of South Africa changed because of the great peace he held in his heart. Peace is what everyone is looking for, yet so many have little peace because they harbor anger, hate, and rage within. To deal with all the anger we hold inside it takes going within, a process that takes great courage. It’s all about fear, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of something new… but in the end the reward of peace is worth it.

Joy— If we are to change the world joy is important, and those that feel connected to love feel great joy within. For they know that God lives within, and thus they give up all fear, pain, sorrow, and allow a smile to be a part of who they are at all times. And sometimes it’s not easy to be full of joy, especially when times are hard, when people are suffering, and when people are in need. But what greater gift can their be than to give a smile to everyone, a loving touch on the shoulder, and a contagious feeling of joy that exudes from every pore. Thus just by being, those that follow a spiritual path ease the pain of those who are suffering. What greater example can their be than the wonderful laughter of the Dalai Lama… who joy spreads like wildfire to everyone around him.

Willpower— Those who seek to change the world sooner or later learn to fill their being with great willpower. They change the world by taking a stand. It’s their sheer willpower and fortitude that keeps them going. And their willpower fuels the fire burning in the hearts of others who recognize the great love they have for God and mankind. Franklin D. Roosevelt was such a man, afflicted with a paralyzing disease he still stood tall and did what he had to do with sheer willpower.

Lets Change the World Now and Create a Loving World!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr Paul Haider






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