“The Power of the Word Amen”

Many of us say prayers and we use the word “Amen” at the end of the prayer but what does it mean? And similar words are used all around the world.


Actually the word “Amen” means “So Be It” and thus that word utter from our mouth becomes the word, and the word becomes power, and thus all things come to fruition according to the great plan. We are vibration and those words we utter are vibrations. And thus that vibration spreads out into the Universe and they are reverberated back to us when the time is right.

The word “Amen” also means “Truly”, which is means this is the truth. And thus truth spreads out like light upon the land, illuminating the darkness, and nullifying all fear. And Amen also connects to the word “Peace” and how that peace is the truth and that peace reigns supreme within. And it also means a powerful trust, acceptance, and belief.

In Hinduism the words “Om Tat Sat” mean “The Supreme Absolute Truth”. Which is exactly the same as Amen. And “OM is the Absolute Truth” which cannot be destroyed. And the words “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti” are also similar to Amen, in meaning “May There Be Peace Within, Peace Amongst Us, and Peace All Over”.

In Buddhism the word “Svhaha” pronounced “So-Hah” which means that the good of this truth will take root in our mind and heart as similar. It symbolizes the growth of a lotus plant. A lotus plant grows in the muck of shallow waters, and this is consistent with the lower vibration of the consciousness of mankind. And as wisdom grows the flower comes to the surface and blooms and thus there is a shift in consciousness. Truth and wisdom become the focus, thus we thrive and darkness and fear are set aside.

In Judaism the word “Amen” is a blessing bestowed upon the one reciting a prayer. And the meaning goes back to God, that which is trustworthy and king, and it also means truth. Thus truth, love, light, and all that is good are connected in this one powerful word.

In ancient Hebrew the word “Amen” has it’s roots in “Truth” and “Absolute”. Thus this powerful word connects to the power of the vibration being the truth and the absolute beholder of wisdom.

And all of these words go back to an ancient sound “AUM” which is significant all around the world as the origin of all things. Thus we can see that all of this boils down to the very beginning, the explosion of light upon the darkness which happened so very long ago. That which came to know itself as “I AM that I AM”. What could be more powerful than a word which symbolizes the origins of everything… and the beginning and the end.

It seems that we try to quantify and make things different, but in reality it is all the same if we open our mind to all the possibilities. We have to remember we are all one as in the great collective mind of mankind. And the more we think we are different… in actuality the more we find we are the same.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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