“When Does Consciousness Start”

Someone asked the other day “When does consciousness enter the body”. When does that divine spark of love enter into our body of flesh and blood?


Even before the body is started our divine consciousness of light of love is given to the mother. That is why lots of women down through the ages who are about to be pregnant have that sense of light around them. They are holding their own consciousness and the dormant consciousness of their baby at the same time. And then that light moves into the body of the newly conceived child. Thus consciousness is waiting for the appropriate time to get started by moving that child towards it’s divine heritage. Everything that a child is going to go through in order to move to the light is encoded into their consciousness.

We come to this world to learn lessons, lessons that are hard, lessons we can learn from and thus grow stronger. When we die we headed towards the light. Then we had a life review, and we decided certain areas need to be worked on. And from that point we choose a particular set of parents to create a body and fulfill those desires. Thus moving to a higher vibrational level of enlightenment or not… depending upon our choices.

And at that point karma also is encoded into our cells. Each and every cell in our body is downloaded to holds all the karmic information for a short while. And when we pass away that encoded information is uploaded into the Light. Remember in the all encompassing light of Heaven or Nirvana we are one. Yet there is still a slight separation which keeps our single consciousness viable at all times. When in the light we are present everywhere, we know all, and understand all, and there are no secrets of any kind. And all of this happens in less than a second, it’s all so fast we hardly comprehend what’s taking place.

And when we are in the Light of Love there is no such thing as male of female that is totally irrelevant. We are beings of light, love, and peace and there is nothing else. It’s only when we create our desire to move to a higher vibrational frequency that we decide to take on either a male or female body. And that depends upon the challenges that we are to overcome and grow with. Some challenges fit better with a female body and other challenges fit better with a male body.

So to answer the question “when does consciousness enter the body”— it’s waiting for us and enters the body at the exact moment of conception. And why do we come back over and over again? We want to make a difference in the world, and we want to help those who are suffering, thus we come back to help all sentient beings. Plus we also want to get rid of all the karma we have accumulated from past lives, and enhance our vibrational frequency of love… thus everything changes.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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