“4 Ways to Think Positive”

Negative thinking is something that creates a downward spiral of constantly negating all the good we have in life. Here are 4 ways to think positive thoughts and thus feel good about life.

Focus on the Positive

Create a Hand Written Diary – Every night make a list of all the good things that happened during the day. Write this out long hand in a diary, there is something magical that happens between the hand and the brain when we write things out by hand instead of using a computer. Our mind interacts with what we are putting down and thus we start the process of healing the negative chatter we have going on in our brain. We don’t really see the good in our life until we start listing all the good things that happened that day. The list can have simple things like “It was nice an sunny today, or someone smiled at me at the mall, or I found the perfect parking place at the store today”. All of these are important for letting go of negative thinking.

Repeat the Name of God – If our mind is normally filled with lots of negative thinking all the time then it’s important to not allow it to have time to wander into negative thinking. And saying the name of God over and over again is one way of keeping our crazy mind away from negative thinking. Instead of allowing our mind to wander it’s important to fill our mind with something spiritual and up lifting. An there is no greater and more up lifting thought than the name of God. The name should be a personal name for God, not just the word God. Be it Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or some other name any personal name of God will do. Then just silently saying that name all day long any time the mind is not being used. It’s amazing how life changes in a positive way when we start filling our mind with just one thing — the name of God. And what more positive affirmation could their be than the name of God.

Build Your Faith by Looking Back – Faith is very important when we want to refute negative thinking. When we have faith that God is always with us, and that God is always bringing those things which is in our best interest. Then everything is just a learning lesson along our path towards enlightenment. When we have faith we know that whatever comes our way will make us stronger in the long run. So when something that seems bad come our way it’s important to have a talk with ourselves and say “God has brought this challenge my way to make me stronger, and I will overcome”. It’s said in all the spiritual texts that God will never bring us more than we can handle — and it’s true, we just have great faith and hold on to God. To build your faith just look back at all the powerful challenges you have gotten though in the the past and know that God was with you every step of the way.

Talk One on One with God – It’s important to have a moment by moment conversation with God. For God lives in our heart and never leaves us, and all we have to do is reach out to God and he will answer. I have to say that in my life during some of the hardest times I’ve reached out to God and “He” or “That” did answer me. It may seem strange to be talking to yourself but after awhile a person gets used to it. And yes a definite answer does come back to answer any question. Thus we are not alone, and that means it’s important to emulate that which is always with us and have a positive attitude about life like that of God.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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