“7 Reasons Why Longer Meditations are Important”

“When we meditate for long periods of time (2 or More Hours Daily) we gain more than just mere physical health benefits, we have much more going on which is very important.”


We Open the Door to Higher Consciousness – When we meditate for 2 or more hours a day we open a door to higher realms of consciousness. When people go to mediation retreats do hours of meditation they finally find inner truth. Even inmates are prisons who take a 10 day meditation retreat find the reality of their own truth and their lives change forever. Instead of having 85% of them return to prison when they get out— only 15 percent return to prison thus a life altering change in consciousness takes place— that opens a door to a new life.

We Find a Direct Connection to God – When we mediate for 2 or more hours a day we allow the chatter of the mind to disappear. Thus we finally open a door to direct communication to our higher power. It’s said in all the spiritual texts: “Be Still and Ye Shall Know My Name” and thus we are finally able to hear the whispers of God. Before getting into long hours of meditation we have our mind running 24/7 even when we are sleeping, it never stops. The only thing that stops mind chatter long enough to allow the voice of God to be heard is meditation.

We Find a Deep Sense of Contentment – When we meditate long periods of time such as 2 hours a day or more we start to have great changes happen in our life. We no longer need material things, we are happy with average food which is healthy and all the electronic craziness of this day and age is not important. Thus we find great joy in the little things such as a beautiful sunrise, the voice of a small baby talking to it’s mother, playing with our dog and so much more that doesn’t cost a dime. Thus we need very little— and are happy with exactly what we have.

We are Able to Calm the Mind/Body – When we meditate we calm the mind/body. And now science has shown the mind and the body can’t be separated… we are one mind and one body which are indivisible. Thus with long periods of meditation balance is regained, hormones are balanced throughout the body, blood pressure goes down, the fight and flight response of adrenalin and cortisol if shut down and we heal.

We Gain Collective Wisdom – Those who meditate for 2 or more hours a day gain collective wisdom not from their own mind— but from the collective consciousness of the Universe. Wisdom comes out of the blue, answers to challenges appear, and a deeper level of understanding of everything takes over. Thus great wisdom takes over and people thrive not in the material sense but on a spiritual level.

We Gain Great Decrement of Truth – Those who meditate for 2 or more hours a day start to understand truth from a deeper place within. They connect to truth with their heart and know right away when they are hearing truth. Thus they know exactly what to do and which way to turn— everything becomes crystal clear.

We are Able to Stand Back and Not Be Affected by the World – Those who meditate for 2 or more hours a day are able to allow all the ins and outs of the world to fall away. They are not affected by the crazy world, it’s like water running off a ducks back— None of it is important. They see the bigger picture and are able to accept everything. Yet they have great passion but know that everything happens for a reason.

Try doing 2 hours of meditation daily— it will change your life forever.

Watch Less TV and Meditate More.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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