“Knowledge is Great But Intuition is Amazing”

We have come a long way by gaining knowledge about the world, but at the same time, there are those who had little knowledge but were very intuitive about many things… and changed the world.

Hippocrates did not have scientific knowledge yet at the same time knew from a deep sense that food was the answer to health and wrote—“Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food”. And now we are finally understanding that he was totally correct and that good food is the basis of all health. Thus hundreds of years before any kind of true scientific studies into the basis of his claims he knew without a doubt that good food was the answer to health— by connecting to that still small voice within.

Tesla was amazing at understanding his intuitive powers and used them to understand electricity, wireless electricity, radio waves, and the possibility of ships that would travel through space and more. He also intuited that the whole universe is alive and that we are part of that great creation. He was able to tap into his intuitive understanding through his spiritual connection to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. Only now in recent times that we have come to understand and use some of his inventions.

Jonas Salk who invented the polio vaccine was a very intuitive man. In fact, he was working on the vaccine for years and could not find the exact answer. His extensive research all ended in a dead end. So he decided to take a few days off to meditate and to get closer to his God. Thus when everything was completely still the answer that he wished to find came to him. Thus he went back to his lab and created the polio vaccine.

And there are thousands of other great inventors who changed the world. All of them had a very powerful intuitive connection to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

So knowledge is great— and knowledge should make us realize— that the more we know, the less we really know and understand. That all the answers are waiting for us in God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

Intuition is God speaking to us, and God is love, thus we are listening to the great vibration of love that’s all around us.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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