“When Things are the Worst, That’s Exactly When Things are the Best”

Once there was a middle aged man who lost the love of his life because of alcohol. Not that he was a alcoholic or anything but things got out of control and thus he lost the one person that meant so much to him. He was down in the dumps, feeling bad, he did not eat for days, he couldn’t sleep, and he was feeling terrible because blamed himself for everything. But as it turns out, he was starting a positive program of renewal that would change his life forever.

Things the Worst

Whenever we lose everything, and wake up feeling like we don’t have anything, and we are hopeless, thats exactly when growth can take place. It’s impossible to learn anything about life, if our mental cup is always full. It’s only when our cup is finally emptied, when we feel so far down in the dumps that it seems that nothing can pull us up, that we start breaking free of all the old baggage.

So at that point he had nothing to lose, so he decided to go to a silent meditation retreat. This is a very intense retreat of 6 to 8 hours of meditation and it opens up everything in a person, and allows all the unsettle baggage to be poured out like a glass of water. During the silence the unconscious brings everything percolating to the foreground and thus healing starts to take place. It’s amazing what silence can do, allowing all the pain we hold inside to surface. Pain we’ve pushed away for 40, 50, 60, and perhaps even up to 80 years, and finally in the midst of silence we automatically heal that pain and find peace.

It’s kind of like having a terrible muscle spasm in our upper back and no matter what we take in the way of herbs or medications, and no matter what we do in the way of stretching… nothing makes the pain go away. But when we have a little acupressure done, with direct pressure over the painful muscle causing discomfort the spasm disappears. All the pain and suffering that we had for such a long time disappears. Well the same thing goes for all the unconscious anger, sadness, the feeling of not being good enough, abandonment issues, and more… they all come to the surface and are healed in the midst of silence… and the pain disappears.

So during this silent retreat all his pain and suffering, and all his abandonment issues for 50 years came to the surface and were healed. Thus life no longer had overtones of having his buttons pushed by someone he loved, and triggering lots of anger, sadness, and other feelings… everything was healed.

But this man decided to take the whole process one step further and join Alcoholics Anonymous and allow more healing to take place. It takes great fortitude to walk into a room and say “I’m an Alcoholic”. To go to group sessions with lots of other people alcohol challenges, thus allowing all of his deepest darkest fears and pains to be poured out to this group. Groups like this create a tsunami of feelings, because everyone is being totally honest and allowing all their feelings to come to the surface. Thus a wave of feelings starts rolling, and that wave catches on like wild fire, allowing everyone to feel safe enough to pour their fears, angers, and pains out… and be healed.

Also they learn that their Highest Power, their Creator, the Universe, and God, are always with their for them, allowing them to find peace. Thus everything starts to heal with the light of truth, the light of love, and the great light of bliss. Then all pain, all suffering, and all anger are replaced with light heartedness, contentment, and the ability to live in the here-and-now.

This process takes place for millions of people every year. Taking them from the worst of times, to the best of times, all in a short period of time. Thus life is healed, and joy filters into every aspect of being. And smiles appear on faces, and long lasting joy takes root… healed by the soil of love.

May we all find the worst of times,

And the best of times,

and grow as human beings.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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