“3 Near Death Experience Stories”

Here are three wonderful stories of near death experience. When someone passes away we mourn because we miss them… but the reality is they are in a wonderful place on the other side of the veil.

Light Tunnel

A man dies during surgery and his head is completely covered the whole time. He’s dead for 25 minutes, but all of a sudden his heart starts beating and all the doctors yell for oxygen. He is unconscious for three days and when he wakes up he is totally fine. And his doctors talk to him about his experience, and he tells them things that are impossible for him to know. He was floating above his body and noticed the sticky notes that the nurse brought to the doctor after the operation failed. He watched and heard two doctors with folded arms stand in the doorway and talk about what they might have done to save him. He watched the anesthesiologist run down the hall and grab a sandwich in vivid detail. We are much more than flesh and blood… we are spirit!

True Story

A young lady has a aneurysm and was rushed to the hospital but it’s to late and she passes away in the emergency room. As she does… she sees herself floating over the emergency room table and her lifeless body. And she wonders what all the commotion is about because she feels totally fine. And at the same time she can hear the doctors talking and try to bring her back. And she also notices people outside in the waiting room drinking water and having coffee and worrying about her wellbeing. Then she leaves the room and notices a speck of light in the middle of a great darkness and she moves towards that light which becomes a tunnel of light. Then she’s greeted by what seems to be angelic beings who tell her she has to go back. And so she wakes up on the emergency and comes to life when the doctors least expect it. And she tries to tell everyone about her experience but no one wants to listen.

True Story

Another young man is riding his motorcycle and has a head on collision with a car and he is rushed to the hospital. In the emergency room he is unconscious and then the doctors lose him and he passes away. The doctors work frantically to try to revive him, while his spirit rises out of his body and he watches all the craziness going on. He has no attachment to his body, but he has great empathy for all those around him. He hears what the doctors are saying down the hall, what the nurses are saying at the nurses station, he can hear every conversation going on in the hospital. He is technically dead for about 12 minutes but all of a sudden the doctors get a heart beat and he is back. And when he comes back he if totally fine and tries to tell everyone about his experience but everyone says— “Yes, yes, that’s great” and goes on. This becomes very frustrating for the young man so he decides not to talk about his experience for a long time.

True Story

There are thousands of near death experience stories showing we are more than flesh and blood. We are part of the all pervading consciousness of that expands across the universe.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider





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