“The Power of Acceptance”

“The First Step Towards Love”

If we get angry about everything in the world it keeps us from every changing the world. Acceptance is the first step towards love.

Take for instance if there is something going on in our country some people get so upset that they go out and do violence and thus cause is harmed and they never achieve their goal.


But as with all the great avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others they accepted the world before them and did not allow anger to get under their skin. In fact Jesus even wept in the garden even though He knew exactly what had to do. His followers were angry but Jesus said they should let go of their anger and spread love. And Buddha had people get angry at him and try to kill him and his followers would go after them. But Buddha said those people had a right to have their anger, and said that they should not allow that anger to take over their heart. Thus Buddha’s world was at peace and also the hearts of those who followed him. These two powerful avatars had a huge impact on the world, because they believed in accepting what they had around them with great love and humility. And thus they had the power to change the world.

Take for instance a woman I know who came over the other day at 5PM who was not feeling well and I ask her “What did you eat today”? And she answer “I just had a cup of coffee”. And I said “You have to eat more than that —You are what you eat” and she just prattled on, but didn’t really take in what I was saying. And she has money and could buy food but she won’t and I tried to give her food but she was not interested. So what could I do, get angry, or accept who she is… thus I prayed for her and sent her loving energy.

If we live our lives with constant duality saying this is bad, this is good, this is this or that, always judging… how can we find peace? It’s impossible! And if we are not at peace how can we create peace on earth?

We too are powerful avatars in our own right, as all the avatars have said “You can do all this and more” so why do we persist with anger when we know we have the power to change everything? Because we deny our own power, we deny everything around us with duality because we feel we are not worthy. But what would happen if we gave up duality? What would happen to all the challenges we have right now?

Personally I believe that everything would change… that is our power!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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