“Things to Let Go in Order to Find Peace and Move Closer to God”

“Here are a few things that bring a person closer to God” 

Let Go of Self-Importance – When we let go of ego when we let go of being self-important and know that everything is God. When we have humility and are very humble… then we are closer to God. Ego keeps us separate from God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. Those with large egos care nothing for other people and thus they don’t care for God.

Let Go of Clinging to Anything – Everything in this life will come and go. There is nothing that we are to cling too. Even the people in our life, the possessions that we have, nothing will last forever. Personally, I see this all the time when we people come to me and their 95-year-old father is dying of some illness and I know deep down in my heart it’s his time to cross the veil and be in the light of bliss. We are to be happy for them as they cross the veil, and let go and let God. Being possessive of anyone or anything holds us back from being closer to God. Allow everything to flow, that is why we see all the great spiritual leaders of past needed nothing and thus they were free to only love God.

Let Go of the Idea of Ownership – This is the second part of being possessive. In reality, we don’t own anything, everything is being least to us… and when we leave this earthly plane it all goes back to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. Nothing material can be taken with us to the grave, it’s all just an illusion that we own anything. Let go, Let God, and Set Thyself Free.

Let Go of the Idea that it is “Me” that is the Doer – Whenever we think it is “I or Me” it’s all coming from a place of ego. When we see that we are all connected to Great Spirit, that we are all part of the great expanse of God himself. Then and only then are we humbled enough to allow the great experience of grace to filter in and peace to take over. Those such as Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Buddha all had a great humility about them and never talked about themselves as the doer. God is the doer and God is the animator experiencing everything. And when we understand this in our heart we move closer to God.

Praise or Blame Makes No Difference Let it All Go – To move closer to God it is important to see everything with indifference, all praise, all blame are to be let go of, they are not important. To be swayed from our appointed work because of praise will never have a good end. To be swayed from our appointed work because of blamed will also never had a good end. Those avatars who came before never allowed praise or blame to bother them in the least… for they knew without a doubt that they were just an instrument of God.

Suffering or Joy Makes No Difference… Let Them Go – To not be swayed by suffering, to not allow the need for material gained joy to move us is to be closer to God. Personally, when I was young and suffering I asked God to help me. Now I understand that all suffering is for a reason and that I am to let it be and take the good and the bad as the same. And love God just the same no matter what life brings our way. Thus we become closer to God… and suffering does not bother us.

Success or Failure Makes No Difference… Let Them Go – When we are full of love it does not matter if we succeed or fail. We don’t look for outside pleasures to fill us up and keeps us going. We only look within to the strength of that is always there… that which is omnipresent and goes on forever. Thus we are to take success and failure in stride as not important… whatever comes our way is for our greatest good. Thus we are only filled from one place… that which is love, that which is full of light, that which is always there for us 24/7 – God.

Add these to your daily routine and allow grace to filter into your life.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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