“Since the Big Bang We Have Felt Alone”

“But We are Not Alone”

Way back before the dawn of the Universe, there was one infinitesimally small bit of energy… and everything was ONE. Read More

Back before the big bang that started the Universe, there was only a small speck of energy that was smaller than an atom. That speck contained everything in the Universe even everything that we have in our bodies was contained in that super dense small speck of energy. A wavelength that goes on forever and in that tiny speck everything was ONE. Thus we were basking in the light of pure unconditional love that existed there in that tiny speck for eons.

Then consciousness wanted to know itself better in Zillion different ways… thus the big bang took place. Dust became stars and spread out across the Universe, and from that point on there was space between everything and now we separated from one another physically. We started to feel alone, feeling something is missing, a feeling that we are disconnected.

We keep looking for our Maker thinking that we will find the answer out there. Yet the stardust that makes up every atom in our body came from that one beginning… thus we are what we seek. An oscillating energy— a waveform that carries information out into the cosmos. We keep looking out there, but the fact of the matter is we are part of that great creating force. And thus all we have to do is look inside to find that great white light of unconditional Love. This has been echoed down through the ages by the gurus and saints from all the great teachings.

Perhaps that’s exactly where we go when we pass on into the light when we die and leave our physical body. Everyone that has a near death experience talks about the tunnel of light… perhaps we are making our way home. Our way back to that place where everything is one and there is nothing but unconditional love.

Remember we are all entangled energy and we all feel what others feel. And we react to what others are going through. Thus we are truly one, not separate in any way, shape, or form.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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