The 7th Avatar – Chapter 12 – “What About Making Money”

And the stranger looked around the crowd and another hand popped up and that person asked; But what of making money, we need to live, tell us more about what God says about making money so we can do God’s will from this point on. It’s not enough to talk about the soul, we need to know how to live life. Oh stranger talk to us about making money!

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And the stranger said; Do not worry about money, money will come and money will go. Instead live in the present moment, do what you need to do in an honorable way to make money. Money is not the essence of life, to be at peace and know that you are more than this flesh and blood is most important. The past hinges upon the present moment, and the future hinges upon the present moment. To worry about money means to live in the future, for there is no such thing as the future. Thus to live in the future means there there is no such thing as life… only the constant longing for something which is not reality.

Live with a loving heart, be here-and-now. Never put off for tomorrow what can be done today, for there is no tomorrow. We never know what tomorrow will bring, we can mound up gold, and hoard it, thinking that we are getting ready for tomorrow. But in reality we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps even gold will be worthless and food will be worth more than gold. Today we don’t count the eggs yet to be laid by the hen, so do not count on the future, the future will be… whatever it will be. Live life with a joyful heart, and allow ego to fade away. Those who go looking to be in the limelight, those that need many people to fall them… follow only their ego. Those seeking fame and needing publicity follow only their ego. It’s the humble man that does the work of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

Look not for attention, seek peace by knowing thyself. To have lots of knowledge is to know other people, but to have knowledge of one’s own self is true wisdom. God seeks out those who are building inner strength and wisdom. And remember this has nothing to do with money, wisdom is priceless and goes on forever, and money is finite and only last so long in this life time. Those that follow the lead of God know that the body is not eternal. And for that reason it’s important to focus on the soul and God which are eternal… and acquire wisdom which feeds the soul. From one lifetime to another we travel, from one body of flesh to another, and it’s wisdom and intuition which travels with the soul. All else shall be forgotten during the transition from one lifetime to another.

But as with young children who are born as old souls, they come into this life with great wisdom and intuition. For these two qualities are immortal like our soul traveling down the stream of consciousness from one lifetime to the next. The only other important aspect is character, to be a good man or woman always doing what is right. For having good character is part of wisdom, one always follows the other for they are indivisible. And good character is always selfless, it cares not for riches or power, for great character only cares about making a difference in the world by putting an end to suffering.

Be simple, be kind, help others, and be someone full of wisdom that others come to when they have questions. These four things are worth more than money, they will allow a man to sleep well at night… to sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. Have only the amount of money that is needed to sustain life, and give the rest to those who are suffering. For many a great avatar has come to this plane as simple carpenters, beggars, oarsmen, and other simple jobs. They did not look for money, or even care for money, and because that were full of wisdom, and everything they needed was brought to them. Create according to the laws of love, and whatever one needs will come.

So do not forget money, but focus on the eternal nature of the soul and God, the Universe, the One and Only… thus creating good character and wisdom, which in the end brings everything that one needs for all eternity.

To be continued…

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