Health Benefits of Bamboo Shoots – A Culinary Delight

Bamboo grows all over the world in just about every climate, and the tenders shoots can be used for food.

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots are very popular in many asian dishes… and their used goes back thousands of years.

Protein – Bamboo Shoots are high in protein with up to 4 grams of protein per 100 grams of fresh shoots… this varies depending on the variety of Bamboo.

Weight Loss – Bamboo Shoots also contain very little in the way of calories – only about 13 calories per cup, making it a great diet food. Bamboo Shoots are low in sugars, and making it a great diet food. And because Bamboo Shoots are full of fiber to make you feel full.. and Bamboo Shoots have very little fat.

Fiber – Bamboo Shoots contain lots of great fiber making it important for boosting your immune system by creating a place for good bacteria to grow in your colon thus fostering lots of probiotic bacteria. And having a good source of fiber in your diet helps lower cholesterol and thus help to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. And Bamboo Shoots will help to keep you regular.

Ligans – Bamboo Shoots are full of ligans which are phytochemicals that help to fight off cancer, fungus, bacteria and even viruses.

Antioxidants – Bamboo Shoots are high in phenolic compounds that help to boost your immune system, slow the ageing process, and help to prevent DNA damage.

Potassium – Bamboo Shoots are full of potassium which is important for water regulation and cardiovascular health… and can also help lower blood pressure.

Cholesterol – Bamboo Shoots help to lower cholesterol because they contain lots of great fiber. Studies at Washington State University showed that eating Bamboo Shoots helped to lower cholesterol and fats in general.

Anti-inflammatory – Bamboo Shoots are a good anti-inflammatory food.

Lowers Blood Pressure – Because Bamboo Shoots have lots of potassium they can also help lower your blood pressure.

Immune Boosting – Bamboo Shoots contain powerful antioxidants that boost your immune system and thus helping to prevent disease.

Gastric Ulcers – Bamboo Shoots have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the stomach lining making it important for gastric ulcers.

Uterine Contractions – The University of Vienna did a study showing that Bamboo Shoots cause uterine contractions, and might be useful in childbirth.

Skin Wounds – Slices of Bamboo Shoots have been used for cleaning skin wounds and rashes.

Lung Health – Boiling Bamboo Shoots in water for up to 5 minutes and then boiling again for twice as long makes a great drink that soothes away lung irritation.

Cancer – Bamboo Shoots contain lots of powerful compounds that help to prevent cancer… compounds such as cholorphyll, flavoniods, and other phytosterols.

Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids – Bamboo Shoots have a good about of Omega Fatty acids which are important for cardiovascular health.

Contains – Bamboo Shoots contain Potassium for cardiovascular health, zinc for immunity, iron for anemia, manganese for thyroid health, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, chromium for muscle health, plus B vitamins for vitality, Vitamin E for cardiovascular health, and Vitamin A for immune health… and Bamboo Shoots contain 17 different types of protein.

Cooking – Bamboo Shoots can have a strange urine like smell and need to be boiled. Remove the hard outer coverings and then boil until tender, and then boil again in coconut water… and they will then smell and taste great. In some countries they slowly roast them over an open flame and then slice them for cooking. Bamboo Shoots are great in stir fries, salads, in noodle dishes, pickles, and even used in dumplings.

Collect Your Own – Most of the time you have to buy canned Bamboo Shoots but if you can collect your own fresh shoots… they are great. Cut them off when they are no taller than 9 or 10 inches tall… that way they will be tender. And Bamboo grows just about any where and it’s a great structural material that’s almost as strong as steel and can be used for many different purposes. Remember Bamboo is evasive… so make sure you really want it in your yard.

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